Heroes of Harkenwold

Oh no! TPK

The party were attacked by Iron Circle men on their way to the battle of Albridge, as the DM thought that he should try and earn them some cheap XP before the battle, but the ruthless tactics, even with some friendly fire, overwhelmed the party of two. Unfortunately, the level 1 NPCs were the first to die as well. But, bearing in mind that the entire campain was meant for an original party of four, the players did very well. In fact, such confidence did the DM have in the party’s abilities, he had thought of a way he could bring back Elkin the shade vampire, but had not even prepared an unconvincing rebirth for the party.

Part 1: The Iron Circle
Improvised Tournament!

So, denying all the pre-made reasons, the heroes were adventuring when they came across a column of smoke. They decided to investigate and found a group of men who, they soon learned, were members of a group called the Iron Circle. The men were standing next to a farmhouse with torches and wolves, laughing. Morthal Tefal, the paladin, asked them who the Iron Circle were, to which, instead of boasting about their prowess or their leader, they responded with an attack, which the DM thought very out of character, but hey, it was in the preset response, (it actually said that if the players do anything but attack, the Iron Circle would attack)so the heroes planned their counter attack. During the battle, the woman inside the house (Ilyana)came out and stared punching the iron circle to death,one of the Iron Circle answered Morthal’s question and said that they were employed by Lord Vhennyk, which the party percieved as Vecna through some terrible insight and intelligence checks, and a shade vampire also ran in and tried to tackle one of the Iron circle, making the party the recommended four heroes. After taking a short rest, they interrogated the leaders, Morthal came to be known as Gandalf the Almighty Demon Slayer and Kiya tamed one of their wolves.
Then they took Ilyana’s advice and headed to Albridge, but instead of going to the rebels like Ilyana wanted, they went shopping literally everywhere they could, picked up a golden sword that leaks money for only 10 gold, 10 provisions for 3 gold, and a longbow for a weapon curse, where Morthal stole from some urchins. They also tried to steal a very expensive suit of lightly enchanted armor, but failed. However while they were in this shop, they noticed that no-one there seemed to be doing anything worthwhile, as they all seemed very heavily armoured. As they saw this, they noticed the reason they were really there: a poster on the wall, advertising a tournament. The cost of entry was potentially your life, and the prize was 500 gold and an experimental weapon. The party joined up for it instantly, and, as there was nothing left to waste resources and time on, Ilyana reasonably suggested that they now go and join up with the rebels, but the party seemed intent on letting the rebels (or could that be the plot?) go to waste, so they got a room for free from an extremely forgetful old innkeeper, barring Ilyana outside. When they woke up another of the tournament contestants was trying to enter, so they let him in after one of them believed him, and he joined up with the party. As they left to go to the tournament, they noticed that where they had left Ilyana, there were now only off-colour stains, but they weren’t too worried about her, saying she wet herself and ran.


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